Dancing to Silence

Hi I'm Amanda Parriott from Clovis, California.  I was born in Santa Maria, but spent most of my life in Bakersfield.  I'm currently 22 years old.  I've recently received my AA in 2-D design art.

I've been wanting to create my own fashion blog for a few months to possibly a year now, and here it is ^-^.  It all started when I was telling my friend Kylee that she should create a fashion blog because she has such awesome style, and then I got to thinking "You know what?  I can create my own fashion blog, it would be so much fun."  Kylee told me about Lookbook.nu where I fell in love with other people's styles, I've never seen a blog featuring so many different people.  I went to hype someone and it took me to a link to create my own so I decided why not.

I met a bunch of awesome girls on there that helped me start out with such wonderful advise, they are Danielle Payton, and Jenniffer W.  So now my looks are starting to look a bit better since day 1.

I bet you're probably wondering about the title "Rose Colored Vision".  I remember my grandma talking about those rose colored lens sunglasses, she said that they are suppose to help make everything around you look prettier.  And well have you ever had one of those days, they just randomly happen to me, where you feel absolutely wonderful, at absolute bliss, and you find beauty in everything little thing around you, even the things that you don't usually think about, such as the the beauty of the graffiti on the trains as they go passing by.  I decided to call that feeling rose-colored vision, feeling that it fits perfectly.  

Me and my friend Nia came across this great photo spot at school next to the auto-shoppe class, what a great discovery ^-^

flowered dress: O'neill
headpiece: Forever 21

I wore these boots so much, that I can no longer see the
company's name on the bottom, lol.  You are welcome to
'hype' this look and fan me at

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