Just How I Like It

Whimsy, beautiful, unique.  Just how I like it ^-^

Also I just found out about these girls yesterday.  Their amazing!!!  19 years old and they already have their own business Kastor & Pollux making and selling clothes, while still running their awesome blogs and posting their unique, edgy looks on lookbook.nu.  

Oh and about my previous post about going to school in San Francisco.  So it turns out I decided to stay in Fresno and will be taking fashion merchandising classes at Fresno State.  Found it was quite expensive to go to school in San Francisco and I would be away from family, friends, and my dear boyfriend.  Also found that it doesn't matter where I get my degree from to be a fashion stylist; so that is very good news ^-^

Hope you guys are enjoying the Olympics.  Woo London!
'Til my next post, ta ta for now.

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