Bees At Sunset

 Took some pics of my outfit during sunset.
It was really beautiful with all those clouds in the sky.

 In this one, in the bright spot, I see a bust of a women's face in with curly hair pulled up.
My mom said she sees a guy laughing lol.

 Check it out my hair is growing so long ^-^
Was having some fun goofing off in front of the camera.

 Tee hee phone charm swung into the picture.

 My mom gave this blouse for my birthday covered in adorable bees. 
Mossimo Supply Co/blouse

 The spirally ring is a ring my boyfriend made for me out of wire.

 There's some of this really old rusty stuff in the back of the yard that I couldn't resist taking photos by.

Levi's/high waist jeans

Got these shoesies at Target.
They're super light weight.
Hee hee stripey socks.
Mossimo Supply Co/shoes

Hope you guys are staying dry out there with the thunder storms and rain.

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