Burrowed In The Branches

I was standing within a structure that was made purely of branches.
It's so cool ^-^
 sweater: Roxy/ top: Free People/ skinny jeans: BDG/ boots: Bass

My second day of school.
Wearing cool colors of the temperatures
in items that I feel completely comfortable in.

This structure made me think how awesome it would be to have a fort or tree house made of branches.
In fact I think it would be wonderful if I could have a completely working house that built in a tree.
Created by Patrick Dougherty.
More about this structure written by the Fresno Bee here.
Off topic of this awesome structure,
today I'm finding it to be absolutely nerve racking to ask girls
if they're interested in modeling for me in the spring fashion show.
One girl completely turned me down in a way like
she was completely disgusted that I would dare ask her.
And two other girls couldn't speak English very well
and were highly confused as to what I was asking.
Sigh, hope this turns out well
and I get me the few five girls I need to model for me.
Gona try asking some girls in my fashion merchandising classes
that should work.

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