Day 7 At Grandma's

Have been drowsy all day lol.
Me and my grandma volunteered at one of the thrift stores downtown.
I ended up buying this lacy blouse with an old sailor shirt style off a mannequin.
So they had me dress it in something new.
They really liked it so they had me do a few more.
It was a lot of fun.
I even heard great responses from the customers.
Some of the stuff was bought off the mannequins soon after dressing them.
Think my fashion merchandising teacher would be proud.

Then when we came back I sat in front of the heater on the floor
and ended up taking a cat nap on the floor.

We were both quite drowsy so spent the day relaxing in front of the TV.
I should definitely know the lyrics to the Brady Bunch by now :P
And ate some awesome Asian food George picked up for us.

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