Last Day At Grandma's

 When I woke Thursday morning
I had to drag my self out of bed.
Some days bed just seems like the best place.
Then realized it was gona be my last day waking up at my grandma's 'til next visit.
So I absolutely had to take some more pictures.
Some images from my grandma's office.
She was posting some of the jewelry she was selling on Ebay.
I bought those little toy soldier book ends for George as a Christmas gift.
Thought this little gnome was the cutest.
Some images from the kitchen.
My grandma's reading glasses look just like my black frame glasses.
I wear contacts all the time.
But use my glasses before going to bed.
Can't stand my self in glasses.
Never could since my very first pair in elementary school :P
Left Bakersfield on the train.
Goodbyes are always hard.
Some interesting views from my seat.
Arrived waiting in the wind for my dad to pick me up.
My grandma sent me a pick of the glass I was using,
guess it's claimed as mine now
cuz she said my little crawdad will be waiting for me 'til my next visit.
Some images my dad sent me on his way.
He was a bit late.

Will have these posts to look back on 'til my next visit.
Hope you enjoyed reading of my adventures.
A video of the train ride below.

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