Back From The Days

cardigan: Forever 21/ skirt: Boutique Forever 21/ necklace: Forever 21
Back from the days of cardigan weather and cool temperatures.

My Harlequin being incredibly cute as always.

Now days the summer heat is here.
Too hot to be out for long.
So spend my outside time in the early mornings or sunset/night hours.

Going to go on a plane for my first time.
Leaving in about a month from now to see my parents in Texas.
It's been a few months since they moved there.
Very nervous, yet kind of excited about the whole plane thing.
I know the chances are quite low that my plane will go crashing down.
But that possibility still lingers on in my mind.

Enjoying the last weeks of my summer vacation before I have to hit the school books again.
Lots of time spent in the garden and watching anime on Netflix.
Hope your summer days are going well.

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