Old pics from the mini carnival in Clovis spent with my mom
before she and my dad moved to Texas last year.
Me and my mom always know how to have good girl time together.
When ever we're together we like to talk for hours
and randomly run off and do fun things spur of the moment.
With her in Texas we still have moments where we talk forever
except now it's through our occasional phone calls and loads of texts.

This year ended up grabbing my friend Alex to go to the carnival with me
so still plenty of fun girl time.
We went on a bunch of the rides.
She freaked me out on the ferris wheel while trying to rock it
and quickly learned not to do that again lol.
Then she ended up getting sick on the Twister ride which is total payback.
But all in all we had a lot of fun.
Too bad didn't catch any pics of the action,
all well.

Ha will have to share some more adventures later.

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