Past and Present

Decided to bring my laptop with me to the backyard, under our big tree, instead of staying cooped up inside.  Some nice weather we're having here.

These are some older pictures from a few months ago that I felt like sharing on here:

Was relaxing in my car at the school's parking lot during my nice break between classes.  This was actually quite soon after I had my tonsils taken out and was able to go back to school.  Blah, was stuck on liquids for the longest time.  I even think I was bringing broth to school, lol.

The one of the delicious looking yogurt was of my first frozen yogurt from Mickey's Yogurt.  Mmm frozen yogurt is the best.  And this place is open late; perfect for my late night sweet cravings ^-^

Below are of some of my writings over the previous days (each is about a different thing):

Hands in a cold sweat. Heart pounding. Can't breathe. Shaking. Feeling week. Memories I must catch and turn back into my reality. Only the magic of love can help me now. The shadows are coming. Not sure how much time is left.

Me and my white horse riding through the dark forest. Her long blue hair and my dark brown hair tangle into a mass as we ride as one. Peach colored feathers trail behind us, for they're tied into my hair. The mushrooms glowing on the trunks of the trees. A beautiful bright blur as we ride past.

Time has stopped. Just me and you there. Tell me, which door will you pick? I hope it's in our favor. Is it possible to turn back time if you chose the wrong one? Once you open that door time will restart. But will I still be in your world, or that of another? Choose wisely, for this life is all we have. We all may turn to dust, back into the time capsule never to be found.

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