Tonight You're Mine

So there's this really awesome movie I want to see called Tonight You're Mine.  You can see the movie trailer at http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/tonight-you-re-mine/trailers/.  Apparently it came in theatures May 11th so hopefully I can rent it really soon.  It's about this couple that falls in love at Chochella.  Not gona give you all the details, but you must watch the trailer ^-^

But ahhhhh I seriously want to go to see Chochella someday.


I went to a wonderful rave in Tulare tonight with my friend Nia.  Was so much fun thank you.  Ah... the freedom of dancing freely to the the sound of the music. So much fun.

If you have never been to a rave I highly recommend it.  Just make sure you go with a group of friend as I did.

Oh and these awesome photos are not of the rave I went to; found them on Yahoo! images.

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