Late Night Bathroom Fashion

These pictures are from a bit ago.  
Was taking these pictures late at night with my mom to post on Lookbook.nu 
but decided afterwards that they were not good enough to be posted with my other looks.  
But then I was looking back at them today and realized "Hey I can post these on my blog."  
So here they are.

This was when my mom got her new kitty Licorice.  
She has since then grew into her ears and grew too big for that collar ^o.o^

Kitty turned into a turtle!

"If I Needed Someone" by The Beatles

Was just listening to the soothing sound of The Beatles on the 60s Oldies Radio on Pandora.
I absolutely love the sounds of the 60s.
And whoever doesn't love the Beatles must be out of their mind lol.

Good night and good dreams to all.

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