Old Art & New News

Here is an old sketch I did of my self a while ago.
Believe I used Myspace to make it all cool like this.
Aw remember the old days of Myspace before the awesomeness of Facebook came out?
As you can see I am very interested in sketching people in an anime, big-eyed style.
Anime characters are just so freakin' adorable. 

My life is much more filled with fashion now.
I am and official fashion merchandising major and classes have been up and running.
Started my fall semester, first semester at Fresno State; yay bulldogs! 

Life has been so busy.
Sorry about no new pics of my looks lately.
Needing a connecting cord from my phone to my computer to get some looks posted.
Money is coming, so soon will be some awesome looks.
It's crazy, I've come up with so many great looks lately but no evidence to show.
Can't wait.

Now I probably have legs of steel, lol no more lazy legs.
Been biking everywhere.
It is my current source of transportation.
Bike to school, bike to boyfriend, Dominic's, house, bike to run errands.
Have this saddle basket one side of my bike now, thanks to my lovely Dominic.
It definitely makes running errands so much nicer.
No more sweaty back from carrying my backpack while riding, eww lol. 

Also I have recently joined Fresno State's Fashion Ink club.
So excited about that.
Want to be so involved in that club to get the most out of it.
Also I found that they run a fashion show each year, how exciting is that?
Definitely want to be part of that.

No luck on the search for a part-time job.
But who knows, maybe I can grab some attention of a clothing store
with this new club to add to my resume.

Ah!  I made some awesome lemon cupcakes for my parents yesterday
as congratulations for finishing their CERTS classes;
classes in how to handle emergency situations.
They have yellow lemon frosting and rainbow sprinkles on half the batch,
and the other half has some red icing dabbed on top kinda looking like little flames;
lol cuz the class was taught by the Clovis fire department.
Ah more pictures I wish I could show.

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