Model For An Artist

These pictures are from when I modeled for my classmate John, during the fall semester of 2011.
Of course I was always fully dressed,
think I'd be to shy to bare it all like the models in figure drawing classes.
I would have to hold a pose for 40 minutes with occasional stretching
then back to the pose well John sketched away.
His artwork is so lovely.
He'd add in an imaginary background to some of the drawings.
We would go to different locations at Fresno State for these sketches
well students passing by would stop to watch and comment;
definitely made me nervous, but totally stayed still the whole way.

This is a must for everyone.
Model for an artist.
It is so much fun to see how you are re-created on paper through someone else's eyes.

This song has such a wonderful, happy melody.
Was listening to it just now on the Indie Rock Radio of Pandora.

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