Taylor Momsen

So the club, Fashion Inc, was talking about shows we watch for the fashion in it and I noticed a lot of members mentioned Gossip Girl.  So today I decided to check it out well cruising through the channels on TV.  Found that I don't really find the show interesting, but they do feature a lot of great fashions.  It is on the Style network so they better ha ha. 

Anyways I noticed the actress Taylor Momsen on it and remembered how the magazines, possibly a year ago, were writing about how she is in a band now, The Pretty Reckless, and went all rebellious. 

So I thought, "What the heck, I wana check that out."  Found her site and started up her latest video (below).  I really like her dark eyeshadow and dark, wine colored lips in the video.  Thinking of trying that out myself sometime; maybe for a night out before I try it in the daylight.  My boyfriend, Dominic, may freak over the make-up; all well bwah ha ha.

 Must say, I do like this new style of her's, very rocker girl.  The music is very kick a**, hell ya to the women sort of thing.  I'm really liking it, and absolutely love that long hair; I have a bit of long hair envy since I've been trying to grow my hair out for a while now.  

So the music from The Pretty Reckless made me think back to that Joan Jett movie, The Runaways.  

I absoultely loved this movie.  Gives me an idea of how Joan Jett was back then.  And Joan Jett's music is awesome, it makes me jump up and down and want to live fearlessly.  I had to go look up more of her music after I saw that movie.

Leaving you with this:
If you haven't listened to Joan Jett's music or The Pretty Reckless you must check them out!!!  And don't be afraid to live fearlessly ^-^

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