Confetti Leaves Surround Me

 This is one of my parents' beagles.
Crazy Daisy is so fast it's hard to catch a picture of her.

Doesn't the yard look lovely covered in bright tiny leaves?
Looks like confetti.
My parents ended up clean all of this up after I took my pics.
All well :/

Eating my very yummy mini melt away mints
from Hickory Farms
well posting this.
Mm mm.

And Harlequin in doing her pigeon purrs
well rolled up sitting on my lap.

Hope you guys had wonderful holidays.
New years is coming up.
No clue who I'll be spending it with yet
waiting to find out if Dominic will be working during celebrations.
But know I definitely want to watch the ball drop on TV.
And probably watch the concerts and such
that are going on all over the states.

What will you be doing for new years?

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