Day 2 At Grandma's

 Left: An old image of my great grandma and grandpa.
Right: Are old images of my Grandma Lina.

A few art pieces my grandma keeps in her garage.

 Some pretty cool things in my grandma's garden.

 Left: Grandma Lina next to her cactus garden.
The cacti have etchings of all the couple's names.
Me and Dominic are on there ^-^
Right: This glass necklace she keep on her rear-view mirror
shines tiny rainbows on us as she drives.

My mom sent me a pic of Harleqin laying in her bed.
Miss having my furry sleeping buddy with me.

We saw Les Miserables today.
It was absoutly wonderful.
One word to describe it would be intense.

Well off to bed
ta ta for now dear readers.

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