Day 3 At Grandma's

 1st we visited my cousin Steven to drop off a late Christmas gift.
He had so many adorable kitties there.
There was this gray kitty that I was getting quite fond of.
He ran off before I could take a pic of him for you guys.

Then we went to one of her favorite thrift stores
where I bought me this long sleeved lace blouse with ruffles and buttons on the wrist,
a loose bronze top,
and a blue, long flowered skirt with slits on either side and buttons down the center.
You will see them in time in some future looks ^-^

Then went danced in her Zumba class at the senior center.
All of the ladies were so nice.
It was so much fun.
Makes me miss taking dance classes in school.

We then visited her long time friend Becky
who would babysit me when my grandma was working.
And headed back.

 Showered and slipped on these rainbow slipper socks.
Makes me think of the Lisa Frank stuff I used to buy as a kid.
Oh here's the chair I told you guys about on January 1st.
Now it's mostly decoration.

The world of Lisa Frank is always rainbow colored :D

 Love how my hair looks when it's wet.

Makes me think of Tarzan's dreadlocks in the the Disney cartoon.

 A painting of a green-eyed girl with black hair and feathers in the background.
Made a few years ago and gave to my grandma.

She loves having nightlights in all the bathrooms and bedrooms.

I finally got to try Nutella for the 1st time
put on toast
it's so yummy.

Ate my Nutella by candlelight well watching The Brady Bunch.
We've been watching it every night since I arrived ^-^

Night lovelies.

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