Day 5 At Grandma's

 Today's been wonderful.
We went to Woolworth's Antique Store
where I saw many very cool and cute items.
And they had music of the times playing on the speakers.
Found my self humming and singing well looking around.
Then ate a hotdog and fries at Woolworth's diner
it was so good.
Before we headed back we dropped by Murray Family Farms.
First time I've ever been there.
Saw this sign outside the entrance doors of their fry pies
and I was like, "I have to have that."
So bought me a cherry fry pie that I ate with my iced earl gray tea back at the house ^-^
And watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past which is hilarious.
Then watched The Wedding Date.
Oh man Dermot Mulroney is such a cutie in that movie.
Let's just say the girls i the movie weren't the only ones swooning over him.
 Vacation time is so nice.

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