Day 6 At Grandma's

Had this awesome BBQ chicken wrap at Red Robin with my grandma and George.

Red Robin always has so many pictures hung covering the walls
found the pic of the kids in line to be quite cute ^-^

Definitely had to have this Minnie Mouse shirt from Macy's
it made me think of Minnie Mouse shirts I used to wear when I was little.

So many tumble weeds.

Find molding from the weather to look so beautiful.

My grandma and George grew up in Tehachapi.

Pretty cool beer plane in the yard.

Oh and my grandma bought this cool map skirt from the thrift store the other day
and they were actually using it to see how far China is from here
they're so cute.

We saw Jack Reacher in the theature it's a pretty good action with some comedy tossed around.
View the trailer for Jack Reacher here.

Saw the movie poster for Beautiful Creatures that looked pretty interesting.
So looked up the trailer
looks like a good romance, sci-fi about witches.
View the trailer for Beautiful Creatures here.

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