Dressy Tribal

This is from the day that I made those awesome cupcakes for my friend's party as seen here.
A bit of a sleepy face cuz I just came back from a night out with the girls.
Who knew girls could be just as intense playing zombie video games as the guys.
Only difference is the high-pitched screams from the players.
Lol good times.
 fake leather jacket: Xhilaration/ skinny jeans: Billabong

Thought I'd spruce things up a bit with a collared shirt;
which by the way oddly has no name tag, bought it from a thrift store.
And then added some tribal necklaces to bring it back to more of my style. 
The orange one is a Native American spirit necklace to keep bad spirits away from the wearer.
The other one was found by by grandma,
it has some awesome lithographs on it, but I do not know what culture.
It makes me think of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  Random fact: I watched every one of those shows, and the movie as soon as it came out ^-^
Another random fact: I liked to eat Mr. Bubble bubbles when I was little.
They just smell so good :3
Our oddities is what makes us interesting people :D
Come on you don't want the boring everyday person to be your buddy.
I love the people with something interesting about them
and especially the people that can make me laugh.

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