Mmm Yummies

So thought I was having some allergies, but nope just plain sick.
But now worries still get up and do things, not too bad.
It's more of a mild annoyance.
Went to my friend Alex's party last night.
Made these yummy cupcakes to add to her meal.
Looks yummy huh.
White cake with white frosting, and three different kinds of sprinkles.
Been thinking spring colors lately since the fashion show is on my mind.
And here's the few that are left now.
But they won't last for long.
Ate a bunch today.
I love desserts.
Been sharing them with everyone ^-^
Just made my model flyers.
Gona start passing them out tomorrow to girls that I'm interested in wearing my looks.
Lol yes the numbers are covered with yummy looking icecream.
Can't have all of you texting me now ;)
 Speaking of yummy desserts, my grandma sent me this pic today of her chocolatey gelato.
Such a tease :D

I shall leave you now with this absolutely adorable video of my Harlequin.
My mom never believed she would roll around all cute and kitten like.

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