Frozen Layers

First off, apologies for the wait my dear readers.
I've been held up with school, life, bills, and stress of the future.
The works indeed.
Was going crazy today, been dying to post.
So to keep from going crazy here you go ^-^

Dressed in layers, with colors of the freezing temperatures.
Though there are those odd moments of hot sunniness.
So layers definitely come to be a necessity with random changes of temperature.
Especially when I'm moving from the cold to a hot classroom.
Who knows, maybe that's why I recently caught a cold.
Ha ha school :D
This awesomely cozy, pullover, khaki sweater was one of my thrift store finds.
 Yes the zippers work, lol.
pompom beanie: Mossimo Supply Co/ sweater: Chico's D.E.S.I.G.N
long-sleeve top: Mossimo Supply Co/ high-waist jeans: Silence + Noise/ boots: Bass

Well need to get to bed now
trying to stick to this sleeping schedule to make my life better.
I'll share the rest of the week as soon as I can.
Thanks for checking in ^-^
Random awesome photo I found well reading blogs one day.
Still trying to figure out if it's a real octopus or not :D

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