Red Licorice Legs

thrifted sweater: Chico's D.E.S.I.G.N/ high-waist jeans: Silence + Noise

My legs look like red licorice.
Mm I love to use them as a straw in my Fanta sodas.
Can never grow out of something as awesome and candy straws.
Love my zebra socks on my wiggly legs,
got them from my parents for Christmas.
My mom's kitty Licorice attack the poor bunny off the stool.
And Harlequin was being a princess.
Look at those big round eyes O.O
But no worries, the bunny made it out alive.
Did a bit of updating on the white board.
It was still saying Merry Christmas for the longest time.
My mom bought me these awesome tall socks.
You'll see them in my future looks ^-^

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