Day 1 At Grandma's

 Took pics of Licorice (my mom's cat) and Harlequin passed out on my bed before I left home.
Aren't they just the cutest?

 Borrowing my grandma's very cozy sweater.
All set up in the room.

 Mmm grandma pulled a pumpkin bread roll out of the freezer for us to devour.

 Figuring out how long we need to cook the home-baked pizza for.
It was really yummy by the way.
Completely covered my pizza with sliced avocado
really quite yummy.

 Not so sure if this look is good enough to share on Lookbook.
What do you think?
If you guys like it I'll post it on there.

Me and grandma have been spending all day together
talking and watching shows.
Us girls can really talk.
We actually got to see the first beginning shows of The Brady Bunch
of when the couple just got married, joining the two families together.
Love that show ^-^ was totally hooked.

Good night everyone ^-^
Gona catch some sleep for my awesome day tomorrow.

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