Visit To My Grandma Lina's

Image of my Cousin Mike, me, and my Grandma Lina.
Cousin Mike is sadly no longer around :/
but I still think fondly of him.

So will be heading to Bakersfield, my old home town,
tomorrow to see my awesome Grandma Lina.
So excited eeeeeee!
We're going to spend about a week or so together.
She is probably the main reason I'm into fashion
because we always spend my visits going shopping everywhere
whether it's the mall, thrift stores, antique stores,
or the drowsy early mornings going to a bunch of yard sales
that she mapped out before I even woke.
I receive a bunch of clothes and accessories from her all the time.
Some from her closet
we are in fact the same size in almost all clothing. 
And others are of her finds from thrift and yard sale buys.
 But no worries everyone
I will be bringing my laptop to continue to post looks and keep you updated.
Oh man still have to pack my bag.
I am horribly long at packing.
I'm sure many of you fashion lovers are just as bad, lol.
 Below are some pics of the past.
Grandma and her friend holding my mom.
 My grandma holding my mom at Fresno's Story Book Land
next to our Fresno Chaffee Zoo.
Yes that is a water fountain.
Isn't it awesome?
You get to put your head in a lion's mouth.

Mom and Grandma sitting pretty.
That tiny chair my mom is sitting in
is actually the chair I used at my grandma's while growing up.

And I will leave you with this image that my grandma text me today.
We both love the Beatles.
Hope your new years day has been as wonderful as mine.

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