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Harlequin being incredibly adorable :3
Sure do love that cat of mine.

 One of my healthier breakfasts of scrambled eggs with salsa, cheddar cheese, and oatmeal with fresh strawberries.  Been trying to eat healthy things, less of items with fructose corn syrup and such junk food, and more fresh real foods.  Think my body can actually tell the difference, feel more awake and alive.

 So this super cute tiger cub was born at the San Francisco zoo.  How incredibly cute ^-^  Spent some time in Starbucks drinking my tea and reading the newspaper well Dominic was having an interview at his job for a higher position; so proud of him.

 Found these comics to be the funniest of the the day.  Love the comics, been reading them since I was a little girl.  Well my grandma reads her morning newspaper, drinking her coffee, she always pulls out the comics for me to read beside her.

 Oh and got to put together my first Easter basket this week, it was so much fun!  Me and Dominic were running all over the store grabbing candies, and toys as I told him of the kinds of toy I used to like when I was little.  The dang plastic covering to a while to find though, lol.  So when we put it together we found there was more candy than we could fit in the basket, so we ended up having some yummies for ourselves.  Sadly won't get to see his son open it this Easter since we'll be shipping it to him.  But man I love putting together gifts and giving people a special little present just for them.

 Today is the day for boiling the eggs, and we'll be dying them tomorrow.  Hopefully they come out as awesome as last years.  I just love all the beautiful colors.

Oh so have I mentioned that I love The Beatles?  Was listening to their Strawberry Fields Forever song, it's quite charming, so I went to look for the music video of it but couldn't get the html.  So I shall leave you with this link "here" to check out their video.

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