Something Different

oversized sweater: Mossimo/ long-sleeve top: Mossimo Supply Co/ skinny jeans: BDG
necklace: Forever21/ booties: Antia

Another perfect temperature spring day.  Felt like trying something different by combining these two brightly colored pieces for an interesting look.  Tried to calm it down a bit with the black sweater and necklace in the same color as the top.  

 And what could be better than enjoying some mm mm tart frozen yogurt with fruit, chocolate and nuts on this wonderful day ^-^  Well relaxing outside, the movie theater let out a bunch of people an explosion of kids everywhere.  Parents and children playing in the fountain of stairs.  It's so interesting watching people and how different everyone is.  One mother was pulling her daughter away from playing to make her pose in playing positions lol.  Feel that it would have looked much better taking photos of her daughter well she was truly playing.  Some wouldn't let their kids touch the water, what a silly thought I think.  And this one father wouldn't let his son run around with the other children, poor kid looked so lonely.  Sigh.. people are interesting.  Suddenly a gust of wind blew my empty contents down the sidewalk, I went chasing down after them, tossed them away and headed back to the solitary of my not quite empty home of pets.

New news though.  My brother came over to stay for a while, looks like he'll be celebrating Easter with us.  And will be picking up my mom from the airport in the morning.  Soon we will all be dying eggs.  Going to try to get them to go on a few of the carnival rides with me; it's literally down the street from my home, but sadly for a few days.

Going to leave you with this video of Licorice.

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