Change, Optimistic, Eventful Life

Life's been crazy.  So much is changing.  My parents are moving to Texas this weekend, where as I live in California.  Me and Dominic are moving in together.  We got a kitten together quite recently, she's an adorable mostly gray calico.  We named her Belle after Dominic's favorite Disney princess.  So we will be a happy house of three lovely kitties.  School is always busy.  Just landed two part-time jobs since gona need money to rent the house.  I have a retail job in a ladies clothing store, there's so many cool, hip fashions I want to buy much, lol but have to save for the house.  And my other job is a cashier/order taker in fast food.  My grandparents, aunt, and cousin are visiting me and my boyfriend in our home this weekend as well; we'll be seeing a fashion show at my school.  My brother's 21st birthday is also this weekend.  The end of the semester is coming near with just three weeks left of papers, projects, and the big finals to study for.  Lol still find ways to keep happy and optimistic about everything.  I suppose change and an eventful life is a good thing.

Apologies for the long gap between post.  Hope to post more often.  Also sorry for no new looks lately, believe me I want to post them, have many backed up waiting to be talked about.  But now have to run to the store before it gets too late.  So enjoy this video of Licorice, my mom's kitty, playing in the backyard attacking buggies :P

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