New Things

So new things.  First off me and Dominic have been living together which is going swell.  I'll probably show you guys a few things from home in time, maybe get in some pics of Dominic as well.

So above are a few more little cuties other than my dear Harlequin that may pop up on here every once in a while, basically mine and Dominic's kids lol.  Top kitty in black and white and being a bit mischievous is Dominic's kitty Gigabite.  Next little kitty is mine and Dominic's shared kitty named Belle, I introduced her in the previous post, she's our little princess who can be quite a pesty one at times lol.  And last but not least our betta Apache, he was my Mom's fishy but she left him to me to care for.  Got him an amazon sword plant which he really seems to like.

Well enough with introductions lol.

Been thinking of getting bangs for a bit, would try out the look by folding over my hair to get an idea of what the real things would look like.  And well decided to go for it.  Ended up watching a bunch of Youtube videos on how to cut bangs, went to the store and purchased some proper hair cutting scissors.  Soon after the end of the school semester, snip snip away I went.  Must say It was a bit hard to see my hair, that took forever to grow, fall into the sink.  And my hands got all sweaty and shaky the whole time.  But I absolutely love the outcome.  Now that I learned how to cut my bangs trimming them will be a cinch.

Now if you're thinking of getting bangs I recommend doing a bit of research to pick our your favorite bangs.  I chose to use Natalie Suarez from Natalie Off Duty as my bang guide, she has the ultimate cutest bangs.

Well here's the end results.  Must say I definetly feel the bangs fit me perfectly.  Will have some new looks to share with you.  Most of them will be a bit older looks before the bangs, but decided to cut down to only my favorites so we won't be stuck into my past looks for too long.

I definitly missed the posting, be back soon.
Hopefully very soon ^-^

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