Some Happy Updates

Look at Belle attack the hell out of my slipper, lol.
Ah man I miss that cat.
Hope you guys are having good days,
if not hopefully this funny video cheers you up ;)

So will still be posting a few more looks from 2013.
But some good news is I have a friend who has offered to do a photoshoot for me.
That will be super exciting, haven't had a photoshoot before;
well other than my mom take a few pics for me well I shyly posed in front of the camera.
Lol that didn't work out so well.
But new hopes for these pics for my better confidence.

Love these first week of school days,
not much to do yet so more relaxing time to myself to enjoy the things I want.

Oh have and Instagram now that you can access here.
Plan to add a link on my page for that shortly.

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  1. I will be having a house full of kittens by March. You can have your fill of mine. :)