Soak Up The Sun

faux leather jacket: Xhilaration/ necklace: Forever 21/ top: Kirra
dress: Forever 21/ tights: Target/ booties: Antia

Was having fun creating a bohemian layered look for the sunny yet chilly day.
Paired some girly, tough, and bohemian pieces together for this look.

So an update on the photoshoot, won't be happening 'til this weekend. 
When it happens will get those pics posted up here soon.

As for school, got loaded up with some books that picked up from the bookstore.
Luckily won't be needing to carry all of these around every day,
they are quite the load.
Want to keep posting on here every week, even with school and work.
So plan to keep time for blogging every week,
it makes me happy to be able to do this.

Oh and some new stuff,
got a free skateboard from my friend.
Been practicing around the apartment complex on it to get the hang of it
before I try to use it as transportation on campus.
Certainly fell a lot, ha the board even went flying a few feet away from me.
Can't wait 'til skateboarding is as easy as walking.
I've always admired girls who could skateboard.
And seeing boarders glide around campus seems so graceful and fearless.
Ha maybe I'm putting too much thought into it.

Well until next time
enjoy these sunny, chilly days ^-^

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