Sunflowers On My Shorts

 cardigan: Forever 21/ long sleeve top: Mossimo Supply Co
sunflower shorts: Finch & Fawn Vintage/ opaque tights: Target/ booties: Antia

There's nothing quite like the windy sunny days in Fresno.
The perfect temperatures where you can get away wearing anything.
Man wish there were more of those days.
Wouldn't it be lovely to be given a giant sunflower instead of the typical bouquet of roses?
I like things that are unique from everything around,
which is possibly why I found these sunflower shorts so appealing.
I bought them from Finch & Fawn Vintage by the lovely Kianna McCourt.
She picked these once large shorts up from a thrift store
and fixed them up to have a more appealing look of bloomers,
which I find to be absolutely charming.
Wish I could have me a few pairs of bloomers to mix into my looks,
ha maybe I'll come across some and snatch up a few.

If you have yet to hear of Kianna McCourt you can check out her blog here.
I assure you, you won't be sorry.

Ha little Harlequin was being a scaredy cat and didn't want to come out and play with me.

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