In Fashion Inc. they gave us a paper with a model's figure on it,
we were to create an outfit.
I absolutely want the whole look I created now lol.

As you guys can see I finally found and adapter to upload all my cell pictures.
Finally woooo!!!!
Hope life is treating you all well.
So sleepy and worn out now.

Me and mom mom ended up spending unplanned hours at Target.
She ended up buying me all my birthday (which happens to be November 15th)
and Christmas presents.
Bought me a few things too ^-^ How could I resist.
Found some awesome thermal shirts and some sweaters in the guys section,
who knew that some of that stuff could actually fit the female body quite well.

Oh speaking of bunnies, here is a Simon's Cat video.
I found out about Simon's Cat a couple of days.
He's so hilarious, the videos are a bit addicting.

 So much I want to get back to you guys on;
much has happened in the life of Amanda.

Nighty night and sweet dreams.

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