The Fashion Collage

Hey everyone,
so starting today I will now be dedication some of my time posting on,
my club's blog, The Fashion Collage.
It will not only be my post, but post from some of the other members as well.
I definitly recommend you guys check it out.

Good news I took some more pics today for my Lookbook account and for this blog.
Will have to post it another day though because I am currently at my awesome boyfriend's house,
and do not have all the gear to upload the pics from my phone.

Well hope you guys are having a wonderful night.
I will leave you with this adorable video.

This is totally something my Harlequin would do.
She loves my attention.
Speaking of my kitty, here are some adorable pics of her.

Her favorite lounging place, my bed.

And if you know my kitty, she is in constant movement when I try to take a pic of her.

Well good night
and ta ta for now.

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