Touring LA

Hey everyone :D
super excited.
I'm going on a two day trip to LA tomorrow with my fashion study tours class.
The trips starts super early at 5:50am,

Day 1:
We'll be visiting the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Porterville.
Apparel News
then Karen Kane Headquarters in LA.
And then nap away in Miyako Inn.

Day 2:
Well be going to the California Market Center in LA
(where we'll also get to do some shopping).
Then Leegin Creative Products Inc in City of Industry.
And home around 8:30pm.
Gona be leaving my laptop at home so won't be posting tomorrow.
But I'll try to get a post out on Friday when I get back.

Ta ta for now
and sweet dreams to all you sleepy heads out there.

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