How My Halloween Was

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween yesterday.
I know I did.
Went to school,
only had one class to go to.
Then off to Dominic's,
where I was pampered with hot tea and soup since I wasn't feeling well.
We watched lots of The Big Bang Theory,
then I napped for hours.
Went home with my mom, grabbing some Mickey's Yogurt on the way.
Added a few last minute decorations to the front of the house,
with what we already had out there.
Then spent the night pigging out on snacks,
watching a comedy,
and handing out lots of candy to all the cute, little trick-or-treaters with my mom.
 And the whole day I was dressed up in a costume I created from my closet.
Decided I was gona dress up as some kind of forest cabin girl.
So I pulled out a plaid red dress from Urban Outfitters,
some blue skinny jeans,
a furry brown vest of faux fur,
cozy brown boots from bass with white faux fur lining and suede strings that tie up the side,
a flower crown of fake white daisies,
and some forest influenced jewelry with leather string, metal, beads of stones,
and a tiny medacine bag necklace made of leather.
Now to get ready for Thanksgiving ^-^

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