First Day Of Spring Break!!!

fedora: Target/ top: thrift store/ skinny jeans: Billabong/ booties: Antia
beaded cuff bracelet: made by my charming Dominic

Yup 'tis true.  Today is my first day of spring break :D wooo!!!  What a wonderful feeling, yes?  So what did I do to celebrate this glorious day?  Well I shall tell you.  Probably not as awesome as some of you lol but perfectly nice for me.  Let's see... slept in waking in my dear Dominic's room to the noise of some very good show playing, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of it.  Gah it's about all of these people going to this school, it's hilarious, there's a crazy guy named Chang (the Asian guy in Hangover), so old white guy who says some very funny lines, their dean likes to dress in the wildest costumes, oh they made a school flag that is in fact suppose to represent a butt hole lol, yes a very interesting show indeed.  So anyways passed that... was in my pjs for many lazy hours, ooo and pick me and Dominic up some doughnut yes in my pjs (something I truly never do) ha what would my mother think, lol she could probably care less.  Then did two online job apps to feel like I did something worthwhile.  Then spent some more time watching TV with my man and browsing the inter net, you know Facebook, e-mails, Lookbook and such.  After he passed out (cuz his crazy bed schedule for work) I got dressed, ran a few errands, browsed Target,  bought three chocolate candy bars well getting gas, eating them all.  Then went through a thrift store writing down their prices to get ideas what to sell my things for at my parent's yard sale tomorrow.  We plan on having it every Saturday yup yup making some monies.  Sent a few funny pics to my mom and grandma.  Oh and found me and Dominic may be getting a third kitty soon, but no sure answer yet; back to that another time.  Ah and of course writing this post ^-^  So the pictures you see before you were taken exactly this day.  Sure I have 30 days of looks before this one that I could slowly be showing you guys in order, but NO I want to show you today's lol so there :P  Definitely having some fun in front of the camera.  How I want my dang awesome digital camera on stand already.  All well someday you guys could see full body pics of me instead of me in pieces like some kind of meat factory, ha.  So that was my day.  Oh!  I know it sounds like I've been eating sweets all day lol but I totally ate a healthy breakfast and am eating some awesome Greek yogurt now.  I'm not usually the junk food nut, but hey first day of spring break people.

Speaking of munching and crunching, here's Harlequin chowing down on some packaged fishies :3  Isn't she absolutely adorable like a cuddly teddy bear?  At times I can't help myself I must scoop her up and cuddle her like the cuteness she is.

Ta ta for now and enjoy that spring break of yours!!!

Pssst... in case you can't tell, tis a bunny shadow my hand is making.  I love me the bunnies.

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